Monday, 24 December 2007



Wednesday, 5 December 2007


i cant believe it has been so long since i last did a post! since my last post, autumn has turned to winter, and there's now only 20 days till xmas aaarrrgh!!!! im almost at the end of my shopping thank goodness and considering i started it in august thats not too bad is it lol!! its not that ive shopped till ive dropped ive just had no spare money till now, well its not spare exactly, the rent will just have to wait, imagine the look on my kids faces xmas day if i told them santa had to pass on by this year.

i dont think unwrapping melissa again would go down too well lol!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


well what a lovely weekend of weather we've had! yesterday i had to work most of the day and as it had been so glorious i was keeping my fingers crossed for 1 more day of sunshine so me and the kids could get another trip to zoo in. luckily we woke up to clear blue skies, and with a picnic and gold cards (these are yearly passes to the zoo, and well worth the money) off we set. it amazes me that every time im at the zoo i manage to see something different, last time we went we walked round for ages trying to find the crocodile, but with no luck, but as you can see from the above photo he was patiently waiting to be have his picture taken this time.

im getting more used to my camera now and im very pleased with how the photos have come out. melissa took this one of a penguin, isnt she clever!

kirsty took this one of the elephant, she'd been patiently waiting for just the right angle, and her wait was well worth it as it almost looks like the elephant is looking right at her lol!

here is one of my favourites, the white tiger, beautiful!! if only he were tame enough to go and cuddle!!

and this cheeky chap was having a great time posing for photo's. just minutes before he had been running around the cage banging on the windows and im sure it was to make sure everyone was looking at him lol!!
i never tire of walking round the zoo, especially when the weather has been as lovely as it has been today. our next outing to the zoo will probably be halloween, we went last year too and it was fun going on the spooky train ride as the staff dress up in halloween costumes and jump out on the public, great fun but only for those without a nervous disposition!!!

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Monday, 10 September 2007


its been a busy old few weeks lately, the summer holidays seemed to fly by and before we knew it it was time for my son to recieve his gcse results, he needed two to get onto the course he wanted and thankfully he actually passed all eight of them, whooppee!! so from tommorow there's no more laying in bed till gone lunchtime for him, he'll be up with the larks like his poor old mum and sisters lol!!
my two girls have got back into the morning routine as they went back to school last week, melissa my little one has started junior school now, and although on her first morning she was a little apprehensive it was me who shed the tears once she'd waved me goodbye, it had been brewing all morning but i had to stay positive and calm for her sake... until she'd gone into school that is.
kirsty my middle girl is enjoying being back at school, she's gone into year nine, and last year she was getting bullied a bit by a certain child, but thankfully that child has left to move to another school now, which we were all very pleased to hear, and kirsty has seemed a much happier girl now and she's actually enjoying going to school, which is so good to hear from a parents point of view.
as for me im just plodding along as i always do, work and kids and work and kids lol!! i cant moan really ive had a few nights out over the holidays, and things could be worse, they could also be alot better but i wont go into that at this moment. mum knows what i mean though!!
well ive the day off work today so i best get on and do some well needed housework!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


shaz tagged me the other day on her blog Us Danes And Our Family (take a look as its well worth a read) about eight things you shouldnt say[blank]. well ive had a chance to think about this one and my eight things are going to be eight things you shouldnt say to your kids, being a mum of three im sure im an expert at this, so here as follows are my eight things.

1; dont tell the kids there's icecream in the freezer for later as you can bet your money on it suddenly there not hungry for dinner anymore.

2; dont tell the kids not to look in a certain cupboard, especially near xmas, as you can be sure there inquisitive nature will lead them there.

3; dont tell the kids " dont mention i said that" as you can be sure at some point when you least expect it, they'll blurt it right out.

4; dont tell the kids to stop slamming the door, as before you've said it they've done it again.

5; dont tell the kids you've an extra bit of money left over this week, as they'll suddenly remember all the things they dont really need.

6; dont tell the kids that your planning to have a night out, as you can be sure one of them will come down with a fever that day.

7; dont tell the kids you'll get the paddling pool out tommorow cos you just know there will be a torrential downpour for the next few days.

8; dont tell the kids you really need a lie in tommorow as they will be up with the lark.

im sure these eight things will touch a nerve with all the mums or dads out there as they are all from my own experiences.

now i have to think of 5 more people to tag uummmm...............well im not sure who to tag so i'll add the last 5 people who have left a comment, hope you all dont mind!....I'll have to leave Shaz out though as that wouldn't be fair!

Mum (when you start doing tags again)
and because I would like to read a bear's take on this....
B.T. Bear

If you've done it before I apologise but my computer is on go slow (I'm sure all those games the kids download are slowing it up) and haven't visited all your blogs for a few days.

Sunday, 12 August 2007


what a great birthday phillip has had. he went over to his friends at around half 7 friday evening and i told him not to come back till half 9 as i had things to do lol!!! ha ha ha!!! little did he know that myself and the girls had planned on putting up old photo's of phillips younger days all around the front room. we had baby ones, naked ones and silly ones of phil in his carefree days before he had to be a cool teenager. phil, liam and chris arrived back home to quite a party, we'd laid on some food and drink and the music was pumping.. as kirsty puts it!

here's just a few photo's i'd taken of the boys enjoying themselves before i'd headed off to bed. with phil being 16 now i left them all too it, he doesnt want his old mum hanging about does he lol!!

Saturday, 11 August 2007


this is a picture of phillip sat in mum and mick's garden, he was only aged 1 and a half, but i can remember him like this as if it was only yesterday, how time has flown by. today he turns 16 years old, he is now my big boy lol!!